10 of the coolest Kubb sets

1.  Star Wars Kubb

It’s the Rebels vs. the Empire with this cool Kubb tribute to Star Wars.


2. Modern Art

The artist here created a unique Kubb set that’s really fun to look at.


3. Mahogany

Ed Knadler at Montana Kubb loves experimenting using different kinds of wood for his kubb sets. He says that mahogany finishes really well, and he’s right.


4. Team Spirit

Kubb is a great tailgating sport and also gives you an opportunity to show your team spirit!


5. Bottle Opener

Respecting the relationship between Kubb and beer, this set from Downtime manufacturing includes a bottle opener in the king. But how are you going to open bottles mid-game?


6. 3D Printed

Sarah Smith 3D printed her own 1/6th size Kubb set for the The Millennial Trains Project


7. Tiny Sets

Created by Bob Fuller, the 2016 U.S. National Championship sold these small commemorative Kubb Sets for their 10th anniversary.

8. Giant Kubb

This giant set made by Paul Whitebody looks like BIG fun.

9. Volvo

Volvo included this beautiful Kubb set in the Concept Estate at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show.


10. Viking

Nathan found inspiration in Kubb’s viking origins for this Nordic inspired set.

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