7 Ways to Bring up Kubb Casually in Conversation

We’ve all been there, you’re talking to a friend or a new acquaintance or even a stranger and you think “I bet this person would like to hear about Kubb! But when do I bring it up so that it’s logical and natural?” These 7 methods are a surefire way to get your new friend hooked on Kubb without making you seem like an obsessed lunatic.

1. They Bring up another Lawn Game or similar amateur sporting League.

There are many people out there that play similar lawn games or devote significant time to outdoor activities. These people are a prime target for an introduction to Kubb. If they mention they are in a Softball league or like to play Cornhole, just step right into the conversation with how much they would be sure to like Kubb. Ex.

New Kubb Player: My Darts league is starting soon, I can’t wait. I’ve been practicing a lot.

You: I’m in a Kubb League, we meet Thursday’s. It’s a great game too, you should come out sometime.

2. They mention they can never think of anything fun to do.

This is a great opportunity to bring up Kubb. They have stated that they are looking for something to do and this invites you to suggest something. One of the great things about Kubb is you can devote just a little bit of time to it, or let it consume your every waking thought and haunt your dreams. Be sure to mention there isn’t much cost involved. Ex.

New Kubb Player: I can never find anything fun to do and going out to the movies is so expensive these days.

You: There is a group in town that plays Kubb on Thursdays, you should show up sometime and learn. It’s really fun!

3. They say they would like to hang out sometime.

What a great set-up! They are letting you know that they are willing to do something with you but are giving you an opportunity to pick the activity. Be sure to make Kubb sound exciting and fun! Ex.

New Kubb Player: Hey it’s been nice talking to you, we should get together sometime!

You: That’s sounds great! You should come to my place tomorrow and play Kubb!

New Kubb Player: I’ve never heard of that, what is it?

You: It’s a lawn game like Cornhole, but instead of being terrible it’s like Odin has opened the gates of Valhalla and it’s light is shining only on you.

4. They mention one of their own unusual hobbies

This is perfect, they are introducing a subject that they enjoy! Now you can reciprocate and inform them of the magical presence of Kubb in your life. Try to use what they like about their hobby to show how similar they can be. Ex.

New Kubb Player: I’ve been collecting snow globes, I enjoy how they capture a small facet of a place and allow me to enjoy and reflect on my time there.

You: Really? I’ve been playing a lot of Kubb lately. It’s a lawn game, it allows me time to reflect on the places I’ve been as well.

5. They initiate a conversation with you

When a person initiates a conversation with you they are letting you know that they are interested in what you have to say. Let them know that what you have to say is consumed entirely by the life encompassing presence of Kubb. Ex.

New Kubb Player: Hi, I’m Jim.

You: Hi Jim, have you heard of Kubb?

6. They make eye contact

This is often a signal that the person is thinking about what you might be up to or what you might be thinking. LET THEM KNOW. Ex.

New Kubb Player:

You: Hey! Come over here and I’ll tell you about Kubb!

New Kubb Player:…

7. They exist (or don’t, don’t take any chances)

Look, we all know how great Kubb is right? Isn’t it our duty to let everyone we know that the only way that they can find true solace in life is to surrender themselves to the ever present and one true game of Kubb? I can’t think of a reason not to. Ex.

You: Listen you, the man in the red shirt! It’s time for you to let Kubb into your life. Don’t be challenged by other lesser lawn sports, find your deliverance in Kubb!

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