Interview with AJ Nelson of Country Kubb

Where did you first learn about Kubb?

We were introduced to Kubb at a friends wedding 5 years ago. The groom was Scandinavian and had a set that he handmade and brought from home. We were taught the rules by a 10 year old, who in the end, beat us.

What do you like about Kubb (compared to other games)?

Kubb is much more challenging than other lawn games, but at the same time, anyone at any age can enjoy it. We also just enjoy throwing pieces of wood around.

What Kubb events/tournaments have you participated in?

We are proud sponsors of the Ohio Kubb Championship and sponsor all the New York City Parks tournaments. We have played in both and are hoping to make it to the USA Kubb Championship in 2017. Every time we play a tournament we learn about a new aspect of the game and that is very exciting!

AJ Nelson playing at the 2016 Country Kubb Ohio Kubb Championship

What made you decide to start making and selling Kubb sets?

Our company started out with the idea of helping our Amish neighbor’s small furniture shop by giving him some business. We only planned on making a few sets for friends and family but since then we have focused on making some of the best kubb sets you can buy. We now ship them all over the country as well as participate in sponsoring several kubb tournaments. Plus our family is Swedish.

What do you think is the most important aspect of kubb set craftsmanship?

We made several first generation sets before settling on our final set we sell today. We had several garage type/make your own sets that we did but until we reached out to our neighbors whose craft was working with wood did we notice a huge difference in the quality of our sets. The most important aspect of our kubb sets is the experience of our wood-workers. For example the man that makes our dowels has been working with wood for 60 years and finish sands all of them by hand on a turning machine. Wood is not a perfect material. To make something with wood of true quality you need years of experience.

A Country Kubb set

Do you have a favorite Kubb memory?

I was walking with a friend through central park in New York City and someone was playing kubb with one of our kubb sets. After introducing ourselves we joined in playing and made some great friends. It was very humbling to see someone getting enjoyment out of something you helped make.

Where do you see Country Kubb in the next 5 years?

Since starting Country Kubb it has helped us create a strong relationship with some of our Amish woodworking neighbors. We have several shops that help in crafting our sets and we have helped them in many aspects in growing their own businesses. Besides furthering our relationship with them we look forward in helping small businesses in our area grow by providing support and insights by furthering the trend or interest towards local made products. We also hope to have our first Kubb tournament soon in our area as kubb interest has been growing rapidly in the Amish community and we have a 200 arce farm to play on. That is a lot of kubb fields!

You can buy Country Kubb sets at their website and contact them on twitter at @CountryKubb

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