Interview with Dan Pritchard from team Gungnir

Where did you first learn about Kubb?

Used to play a lot of Horseshoes And Bags/Cornhole. Started playing Kubb in 2010 at monthly tournaments hosted by the now defunct Kubb Collective. I was drawn to the multi dimensional aspects of the game.

What Ohio Kubb events/tournaments have you participated in?

2016 Ohio Kubb Championship

Do you have a favorite Kubb Memory from Ohio?

Meeting and competing against people I had previously only known online. Also the OddMall craft fair added fun and pageantry to the event .

What else did/do you enjoy in/about Ohio?

Camping with my Team Gungnir partner and our spouses, and visiting the Hoppin Frog Brewery

What is your prefered Kubb training method?

Dan Pritchard with Evan Fitzgerald at the 2016 U.S. Kubb Open

I should probably practice specific skills of the sport, but it is the one yard game /sport that flows when you play against yourself. That’s what I do, usually at night, under the lights.

What is your best advice for new Kubb players?

If you just want to have fun, enjoy. If you want to compete, you have to put in the time. Lots of good Kubbers out there who work very hard.

Do you have any Kubb goals?

Keep working on my game and rekindle my local Kubb scene (NY Fingerlakes Region)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a Kubb match?

I had only seen good inkasting on video. It’s much more impressive live. At the 2014 Canadian Nationals As we watched Evan Fitzgerald practicing his drilling, I turned to my teammate and said shit we’re Screwed!

Where do you see Ohio Kubb in 5 years?

Having a chance to host the Midwest championship

Who is the one person in the Kubb community that every Kubber should meet?

Dan Pritchard with David Ellringer

Wow, tough one I have never met a Kubber I did not like. A special community. I’m going with “The Legend ” Dave Ellringer

What is your greatest Kubb accomplishment?

Silver at the 2014 Canadian Nationals and quitting smoking with the help of nightly Kubb matches against myself.

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