Interview with Chris Jones from the Lumber Tumblers

Where did you first learn about Kubb?

A friend had played it at a BBQ and then found a set at Menards. He introduced it to my group of friends and started playing (with questionable rules) at every get-together. After Jesse Fraim (one of the friends) started researching it online discovering USA Kubb and many YouTube videos we started playing by the real rules. This all happened around the summer of 2013 I believe.


When did you first enter a tournament?

My first tournament was the 2014 Nationals where we were group winners and finished Tied for 17th, a few months later Jesse Fraim and I played in the Des Moines Fall Klassic and finished 18 of 37.

What Ohio Kubb events/tournaments have you participated in?

2016 Ohio Kubb Championship

Do you have a favorite Kubb Memory from Ohio?

Placing second in the Ohio Championship and giving the Kubbstaches their first loss of the day, even if we didn’t take the match.

What else did/do you enjoy in/about Ohio?

A great turnout with really friendly people. The rain didn’t deter people from really enjoying themselves.

What is your preferred Kubb training method?

I like to play myself (both sides of the game). It lets me get practice with each component of the game and create more “real-world” situations you’d find in real games. I also find it less boring than focusing on just one aspect at a time. I’m not sure if it’s more effective, but it’s definitely more fun.

What is your best advice for new Kubb players?

Don’t be afraid to play in tournaments. Everyone I’ve met in kubb has been very friendly and helpful. Even the best of the best will take the time to answer questions and talk about strategy with you.

Do you have any Kubb goals?

My ultimate goal would be to win the US National Championship. I’d also really love to play at the World Championship in Sweden.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a Kubb match?

At a winter tournament my teammate hit and spun three kubbs on one shot. None of them went down. Everyone was in disbelief.

Where do you see Ohio Kubb in 5 years?

I think there’s a lot of passion and drive to get bigger and better. Ohio is already making noise at tournaments outside of Ohio and have been hosting some growing ones themselves. I see them continuing the growth—both in their skill and membership.

Who is the one person in the Kubb community that every Kubber should meet?

Just one? I could name a dozen, but here are three to get started with: Eric Anderson (USA Kubb), Dave Ellringer (Eau Claire kubb legend), Evan Fitzgerald (Kubb United). All of these guys are friendly, knowledgeable, and exceptional players that have done a lot for the kubb community.

What is your greatest Kubb accomplishment?

Winning the Thief River Falls Winter Championship. Close behind would be my first time playing on Sunday at Nationals (2016) and my first time on a championship bracket podium (2nd at 2016 Ohio Championship).

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