What is the Oddmall?

You might have noticed that the Ohio Kubb Championship is partnering with the Oddmall for a “Riverside Ramble” but what is the Oddmall?

Oddmall describes itself as:

“The most unusual outdoor celebration of art, crafts, and everything geeky, odd, unique, and wonderful anywhere in the universe”

It’s part art fair, part craft show, part comic con, part gaming festival, part cosplay extravaganza, part toy show, part antique show, part vintage fashion show, part geeksplosion, part music fest, part magic show, and part various undefinable othernesses. If it’s fun, artsy, geeky, crafty or odd, chances are it can be found at Oddmall. Being a proponent of a game that is unusual by lawn game standards with a fun mythological history, we feel that Kubb and Oddmall are a great fit!

The Oddmall regularly attracts thousands of curious attendees and there are already over 100 vendors signed up for this event!

For more information on the Oddmall Riverside Ramble and how you can get a booth or be a performer visit this website. We hope everyone has a wonderful and odd day at the Ohio Kubb Championship!

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