Interview with David Giese and Heidi Schwarzenbart from Rhymes with Tube

Where did you first learn about Kubb?

Dave: At a summer party a friend was given a Kubb set and we played it all day.

Heidi: At a friend’s 4th of July picnic

What Ohio Kubb events/tournaments have you participated in?

Dave/Heidi: Only the 2016 Burning River Kubb Klassic in Ravenna.

Do you have a favorite Kubb Memory from Ohio?

Dave: Loved the sound of the trains throughout the day along with great sportsmanship with great Kubb players!

What else did/do you enjoy in/about Ohio?

Dave: The after-tournament brewpub (Hoppin’ Frog) visit with kubb friends.

Heidi: I have several friends in the state, so it’s nice to visit. Also it’s fun to check out the local breweries.

Heidi Schwarzenbart taking down a small group at the 2016 Burning River Kubb Klassic

What is your preferred Kubb training method?

Dave: Solo training in my backyard with percentage goals for both 4m and 8m hits.

What is your best advice for new Kubb players?

Dave: Practice your 4m game and set personal hit percentage goals.

Heidi: Don’t be afraid to sign up for tournaments because you’re new to kubb. You’ll have fun, you’ll meet great people and you’ll learn a lot.

Do you have any Kubb goals?

Dave: Promote Kubb as a competitive sport and support tournament directors who positively promote kubb.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen happen in a Kubb match?

Dave: King toss ended up balancing on top of the king.

Dave Giese in the Championship match of the 2016 Burning River Kubb Klassic

Where do you see Ohio Kubb in 5 years?

Dave: By training players through more leagues and more tournaments they will send competitive teams to our nation’s largest and competitive tournaments putting Ohio on the map for Kubb.

Who is the one person in the Kubb community that every Kubber should meet?

Dave: Phil Dickinson or any Kubb United member (but I’m biased).

Heidi: Chris and Steve McDiarmid – wonderful people and great kubb ambassadors

What is your greatest Kubb accomplishment?

Dave: In 2015 my teams won the US National Championship, Midwest Championship, Great Lakes Championship and the Canadian National Championships. It was a good year.

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