Interview with AJ Nelson of Country Kubb

Where did you first learn about Kubb? We were introduced to Kubb at a friends wedding 5 years ago. The groom was Scandinavian and had a set that he handmade and brought from home. We were taught the rules by a 10 year old, who in the end, beat us. What do

10 of the coolest Kubb sets

1.  Star Wars Kubb It's the Rebels vs. the Empire with this cool Kubb tribute to Star Wars. 2. Modern Art The artist here created a unique Kubb set that's really fun to look at. 3. Mahogany Ed Knadler at Montana Kubb loves experimenting using different kinds of wood for his kubb sets. He says

7 Ways to Bring up Kubb Casually in Conversation

We’ve all been there, you’re talking to a friend or a new acquaintance or even a stranger and you think “I bet this person would like to hear about Kubb! But when do I bring it up so that it’s logical and natural?” These 7 methods are a surefire way

The Kubb Squirrels Finished T5!

One of our club teams, the Kubb Squirrels went to the U.S. National Kubb Championships this year and finished T5 (Tied for 5th) this year! They won 8 of 9 matches over the weekend going 6-0 the first day.  They eventually fell to the Ringers, the 2010 National Championship team and

2016 Burning River Kubb Klassic

Despite the threat of rain, it was a beautiful day for Kubb in Ohio. Results 1st - Jesse Fraim & Tyler Wood (Settlers of Baton) 2nd - Dave Giese & Heidi Schwarzenbart (Rhymes With Tube) 3rd - Kevin Bachman, Robert Hickes & Jake Leavitt (Kubbstaches)

2016 Ohio Kubb Championship

The first Ohio Kubb Championship was a big success. Despite threat of rain all day, there were over 100 players and spectators enjoying a day of Kubb! Results 1st - Robert Hickes, Jake Leavitt & Jesse Wienckoski (Kubbstaches) 2nd - Jesse Fraim & Chris Jones (Settlers of Baton) 3rd - Ryan Adler & Kyle

2015 Burning River Kubb Klassic

It was a rainy and cold day for the first Burning River Kubb Klassic but all the teams stuck it our and had a great time! The Kubbstaches (Morgantown, PA) – 1st (G) Kung Mördare (Akron, OH, Cleveland, OH) – 2nd (G) Test Kubb Babies (Kent, OH, Ravenna, OH) – 3rd The Kubb Scouts