2015 Burning River Kubb Klassic

It was a rainy and cold day for the first Burning River Kubb Klassic but all the teams stuck it our and had a great time!

The Kubbstaches (Morgantown, PA) – 1st (G)
Kung Mördare (Akron, OH, Cleveland, OH) – 2nd (G)
Test Kubb Babies (Kent, OH, Ravenna, OH) – 3rd
The Kubb Scouts (Randolph, OH)
Kubb*ert (Canton, OH, Akron, OH) – 1st Consolation
Louis Baton (Canton, OH, Ravenna, OH, Louisville, OH) – 2nd Consolation
Kangarear (Louisville, OH, Cleveland, OH) – 3rd Consolation
Zipflash (Ravenna, OH)


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